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What is the Ossetra?

Ossetra is a fairly large and rare fish. Among the many representatives of the sea, river and lake world, one can highlight several, perhaps, the most valuable and expensive fish, which rightfully includes the Russian Ossetra.Ossetra is found in Russia in the basins of the Black, Caspian and Azov Seas, as well as northern rivers. In Igarka and the rest of the north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, ossetra has long been considered a commercial fish.

The ossetra differs from other representatives of the underwater world due to its unusual appearance. Its body resembles a large elongated spindle. The length of an adult reaches 2 meters, and sometimes more. The weight of an adult sturgeon reaches 80 kilograms. The body of the fish is covered with numerous scales, and randomly located bone plates rise along the ridge.

Since this is a marine fish, it is mainly found in the south of Russia. Ossetra lives in herds. The most common habitats of ossetra are: Azov, Dnieper and Rion. The Rioni herds are located in the Black Sea basin on the Caucasian side. The Dnieper herds are concentrated on the Ukrainian side. Accordingly, Azov herds live on the Azov side. During the spawning period, in the spring, the fish moves up at a fairly high speed into the largest rivers: Don, Dnieper and Kuban. There they try to lay the maximum amount of eggs. Spawning begins in fish that have reached sexual maturity (age from 8 to 30 years). The average age of a ossetra reaches 50 years.

The ossetra is omnivorous, but is rightfully considered a predatory fish, since its diet includes mollusks, small fish and invertebrates. Ossetra is prized among fish lovers for its delicious, protein-rich black caviar and red, tender, delicious meat. Not so long ago, poachers mercilessly destroyed this fish precisely because of its caviar.


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