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Red caviar in three tartlets over black background. Close-up salmon caviar. Delicatessen.

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Red caviar is the caviar of salmon fish species, such as Pacific salmon (pink salmon, chum salmon, sockeye salmon, coho salmon), Atlantic salmon (salmon), trout and its various forms (pallia, etc.), trout (including Caspian salmon), taimen , and others. Red caviar is a valuable food product with high taste qualities. It has a relatively high cost, so it is classified as a delicacy.


Caviar contains the entire complex of nutrients for the development of the embryo. Therefore, the chemical composition is very rich: vitamins A, D, E, C, group B, including folic acid. It also has a large complex of microelements: iodine, sodium, calcium, zinc, iron, sulfur, phosphorus, etc. It also contains omega-3 fatty acids. By consuming 50 grams of red caviar, an adult will cover the daily iodine requirement. And the high iron content in caviar helps prevent anemia.


Red caviar is a unique product that is a source of highly valuable protein, and as we know, protein is a building element of the body, without which the normal functioning of the entire system is not possible. Caviar contains more protein than meat and cottage cheese.In addition, red caviar is a source of polyunsaturated fatty acids (Omega-3), which are responsible for the body's immunity.

Any type of red caviar also contains B vitamins, vitamin A, E, D. Red caviar is rich in folic acid, iodine, calcium, iron, phosphorus. By consuming 50 grams of red caviar, an adult will cover the daily iodine requirement. And the high iron content in caviar helps prevent anemia.

Any type of red caviar has undeniable benefits for the body, the difference between each type is in taste, size of eggs and fish from which the caviar was obtained. Whatever caviar you buy, be it chum salmon, pink salmon, sockeye salmon or trout, you will saturate your body with vitamins, increase your immunity, strengthen your heart and blood vessels, have a beneficial effect on your skin and reduce stress levels. Red caviar is useful not only for adults, but even for children. It is recommended to give caviar to children in small portions and not earlier than 3 years.


An excess of any useful product for orgasm will not be beneficial, but on the contrary, it can be harmful. This also applies to red caviar. Despite its miraculous composition and properties, you should not abuse this product. To benefit from red caviar, you don’t have to eat it every day; you can limit yourself to a few caviar sandwiches a week. If you want to eat caviar every day, then you should know that the daily intake of red caviar for an adult is no more than 2 teaspoons.

These simple rules for consuming red caviar will help you extract maximum benefits from it for the body. But remember that caviar contains a large amount of salt, which puts a lot of stress on the kidneys. And those who have liver problems and high cholesterol should refrain from eating caviar.


This type of caviar is most often found on sale. It has a universal taste, familiar to everyone, a bright orange color and medium-sized eggs with a thin shell. 

  • Trout caviar

Thanks to the artificial breeding of this salmon species, trout caviar is also quite common and is not considered in short supply. Trout eggs are small and often look stuck together, so they are often used to decorate canapés and sandwiches. Color varies from dark yellow to purple. There is a noticeable bitterness in the taste.

It is considered a delicacy and is rightfully one of the standards of taste for this granular product. Chum salmon eggs are large in size, have a rich light orange color and a delicate creamy taste. A distinctive feature of chum salmon caviar is the melting effect in the mouth, due to the thin shell that bursts when lightly pressed with the tongue. The taste is universal, without bitterness or fishy smell.

This granular product will be appreciated by a true connoisseur due to its rather rich, spicy taste with a very noticeable bitterness. The eggs are small, similar in appearance to trout eggs, however, they have a richer red color.

Coho salmon or silver salmon caviar has a fairly fine structure and a bitter taste, most often dark red. However, due to the high content of vitamins and minerals, coho salmon caviar is considered the most useful. However, coho salmon is not caught on an industrial scale, as it is small in number and is considered a valuable fish.

  • Chinook caviar

Chinook salmon, or king salmon, is the largest and rarest representative of this family of fish. The Chinook salmon catch in Russia is very limited, which further increases its value. Chinook caviar is large in size and has a delicate taste with a barely noticeable bitterness. The structure of the caviar is homogeneous, the eggs are not stuck together and are easily separated from each other.


Red caviar can be found in a variety of dishes, which are in high demand in many countries. Why not diversify your usual menu with delicious salads, complemented by a delicacy.

  • Caesar salad with caviar - a classic salad that includes fresh lettuce, fried pieces of chicken, crispy croutons and tender red caviar. An additional flavor accent is a dressing based on walnut yogurt with the addition of garlic and lemon juice.

  • Crab Salad with Red Caviar – The salad combines shrimp and crab meat with crunchy vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers and olives. When serving the salad, a generous portion of red caviar is placed on top of the plate, which gives the dish a luxurious look and exquisite taste.

  • Salad “Caviar with Avocado and Salmon” – the salad combines tender salmon meat with juicy avocado and fresh vegetables such as cucumbers and microgreens. Lime juice and olive oil add a refreshing touch to the dish, while red caviar adds a touch of sophistication.

Red caviar can be added to other favorite salads, filling them with new interesting flavors.


At parties, it is customary to serve delicious appetizers with red caviar. They can be prepared at home by following simple recipes:

  • Canapes with red caviar and cream cheese. To prepare this snack, you need toast or crackers, which are spread with cream cheese. Then a small portion of red caviar is placed on top. If desired, you can add a slice of fresh cucumber or a leaf of fresh herbs.

  • Pancakes with red caviar and sour cream. To prepare this snack, you need to bake thin pancakes and grease them with sour cream. Then a small portion of red caviar is placed on each pancake. The pancakes are rolled into tubes and served.

  • Sushi with red caviar. To prepare sushi with red caviar, you must use fresh caviar and special rice for the dish. The caviar is placed on rice, and then small rolls are formed. This appetizer is an ideal choice for connoisseurs of Japanese cuisine.

Any of the appetizers offered can become the main decoration of the table set for welcoming guests.


Red caviar is ideally combined with toast or crackers, buttery or cream cheese, avocado, fresh cucumber, salmon or shrimp. Fresh vegetables, such as tomatoes or microgreens, can also be a good addition to red caviar. When choosing sauces and dressings for dishes with red caviar, it is recommended to use gentle and refreshing ingredients, such as lemon juice or walnut yogurt, which do not overpower the natural taste of the seafood.

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